Digital optimization is the process of growing revenue by continuously testing ideas related to design, user experience and functionality.

In addition to being optimizers, we are digital marketers. We develop and deliver acquisition, conversion, and retention strategies. We understand the challenge of growing revenue month over month and year over year. We focus on results.

Our team is a mix of left-brained and right-brained geeks. We live for spreadsheets. We design brilliant creative. We have technical chops. We’re based on Vancouver Island and work with companies around the world.

Conversion Optimization

Do you want to increase your revenue per visitor or conversion rate? We start with an audit of your website. Where are shoppers dropping out of the purchase funnel, and more importantly, why? We then develop a list of recommendations and ideas to test – potential changes to your website, landing pages, or shopping cart. We run split-tests to validate the ideas and demonstrate the increase in revenue. This is digital optimization. This is our passion.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing is more than just customer acquisition. It’s also about retention and increasing customer lifetime value. With expertise in B2C, B2B, SaaS and trial/freemium models, we develop marketing strategies that are focused on long-term growth of your entire customer life cycle. Whether you need help with doing market research, writing a marketing plan, or executing a plan, our expertise in online marketing will take your business to the next level.

Web Design & Development

Does your website need a fresh look? Are you losing visitors on certain pages? We believe in design by metrics, so we first analyze your site data to identify problem areas. Then our talented designers deliver brilliant UX and creative to keep your visitors engaged. Our web developers build responsive sites that naturally adapt to screen size for smartphones and tablets. And since we’re conversion geeks, we focus on usability, page load time and SEO.

Email Marketing

Are you maximizing ROI from your email marketing program? We can refine creative, copy, and merchandising to maximize open rates and click-thru rates. We A/B test to optimize your campaigns. We can take your current email program to the next level, or we can help you develop a new program from the ground up. We create beautiful eye-catching designs, draft content and develop HTML for mobile-friendly responsive emails that deliver impressive results.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a leading driver for customer acquisition, and the rules are changing constantly. We can optimize your website for organic search with on-site and off-site SEO tactics, such as keyword analysis, meta-data, and linking strategies. For paid search, we bring qualified traffic to your site with Google Adwords campaigns. And most importantly, we balance these programs to optimize performance and maximize your return on investment.


What are the key metrics for your business, and are you tracking them? We’ll fine-tune your analytics and reporting to accurately measuring progress toward your objectives. Our expertise with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics (Omniture) will ensure that tracking is setup properly for digital optimization, and that you can make data-driven decisions. We also design and manage polls, surveys and user testing to get valuable feedback from your customers.


CVS/pharmacy Photo Center wanted to increase their overall website conversion and online sales of their prints, greeting cards, calendars, photo books and gifts. We developed a website conversion strategy and designed a new website that uses emotionally driven images and messaging to target the intended audience. Year after year CVS has seen substantial growth with their online photo website sales and the email marketing we execute for them.